Our Story

In 2018, a group of leading Bahraini Entrepreneurs felt the greater need for a unifying platform for Youth and Women Entrepreneurs and business owners across the country to share their creativity, inspire, and support each other in their pursuits.

These inspiring women established the base of the Bahrain Entrepreneurship Organization – a pioneering platform that recognizes Youth and Women Entrepreneurs’ contributions in each individual business vertical and will provide them with a unique opportunity to hone their skills and network with other like-minded individuals.

Our Goal
  • Create an environment that identifies, promotes and nurtures successful Youth and Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Provide mentorship for Youth and Women Entrepreneurs that are up and coming in their professional careers.
  • Support Youth and Women Entrepreneurs in business through industry specific focus groups
  • Provide training and skill building components designed to increase the contribution from high potential, high achieving Youth and Women looking to make the most of their careers.
Core Values

BEO’s aspirations are to become a leading organization for Youth and Women Entrepreneurs and society, to stimulate entrepreneurship and leadership in areas where they have been underrepresented.


Demonstrated by providing our members with professional support to enable them to use their resources in the most effective & efficient way possible.


Demonstrated by the mutual trust, respect, and appreciation of the value of diverse perspectives in addition to the power of inclusion.


Demonstrated by fostering interrelationships between members and to utilize this opportunity for knowledge sharing.


Demonstrated by truth, transparency and accountability; evidenced in a well earned reputation for professionalism, trustworthiness, and value.
What’s in it for the members?
Our networking community provides a forum for you to grow your career, promote your business, product or service, share ideas and expand your network.

We also aim to increase the integration of Youth and Women Entrepreneurs into the labor market as well as the private sector in alignment with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.


Unifying Youth and Women across business platforms to support each other in their individual pursuits.


Access to a professional network within the GCC and globally.

Our Strategy
  • Strengthen the network of Youth and Women entrepreneurs
  • Build partnerships
  • Commitment to mutual success
  • Collaboration on a Local and International level
  • Promotion of Trade, business, culture, tourism & commerce
  • Supporting Innovative and creative ideas
  • Initiation of legal and economic change
  • Strategy aligns with Bahrain Economic Vision 2030
Strategic Partners